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For projects, OEM, wholesalers, system integrators, dealers, stores,
corporate buyers, schools, for desktop or embedded use, etc.

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Quality Products at Low Cost: Systems, PC, Servers, LCD PC, Webpads, E-Pads
Low cost systems, small size from just 11x11cm and up, from just US$100 up.
Low cost office systems or desktop systems and PC's US$130 up including CPU.
Low cost embedded systems fanless or fan, small size, low power 10 watts up.
Servers and Socket based systems for AMD, Intel, 3Ghz Quad Core, Xeon E3 E5.
Rack mount servers, redundant systems, 3Ghz AMD or Intel, to 160Tb disk.
Digital Signage, Media Player, Security systems, Linux Server solutions.
E-Pad, Webpad, Panel PC, LCD Open Frame kits, LCD Panel, LCD PC, Touch Screen.
Low cost Media Player, Set Top Box, Thin Client, IA Appliance solutions.
Intel i3 i5 i7, AMD AM2 AM3, boards, Xeon E3, Xeon E5 Dual CPU systems.
Linux pre-installed OS options, Linux customization, Flash Linux versions.
Optional disk, ram, flash install or custom design OEM systems and solutions.

Custom Design and OEM Design Products:
Generic systems for use in projects with your Logo.
Custom design modifications, additional features, special interfaces.
Custom design front panel or system chassis, or other board or system features.
Custom design embedded Linux solutions or preinstall at low cost.
Consulting, systems integration for your other devices, OEM solutions.
Cost effective ideas for custom product designs based on 30 years experience.

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e-Way Technology Systems Corp. (eWay), Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (886)-2-2370-0300     Fax: (886)-2-2370-0301

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