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E-Way News Updates: Low Cost PC Systems, Low Cost Systems, Low Cost Rack Mount Servers
E-Way builds quality small PC systems, embedded systems, and servers at worlds lowest costs.
Low Cost PC Systems, Embedded Systems, Low Cost Mini ITX Systems, low cost system,
Low Cost servers, Low Cost Rack Mount Systems, Low Cost CPU servers, Low Cost Fanless PC.
Webpad, POS PC, LCD Panel, LCD PC, Touch screens direct from Taiwan for lowest cost.

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1. Low Cost Systems:
E-Way is pleased to announce Low Cost small systems and Embedded Systems, for a range of various project uses. We also offer a full range of systems from low end to high end performance in a variety of system models from sizes as small as 11x11cm and up based on VIA, Intel, or AMD CPU. These low cost PC systems are suitable for many areas including project usage, small office PC's to embedded uses as servers, thin clients, set top box, digital sign, or school PC's, etc. Many companies quote 50% to 100% more for similar small embedded systems.

2. Low Cost Servers: from $800 for 2U Rack Mount System with Top Rank Xeon CPU
E-Way offers a range of quality server systems at low cost, including small servers, rack mount systems, high performance Xeon E5 Dual CPU Rack Mount Servers, High performance Blade Servers, Full Redundant Systems, 2 in 1, 4 in 1, and a range of very compact small servers just 20x22cm with top rank Xeon. Our Rack Mount System models include x4 x8 x12 x16 x24 x40 Hot Swap Disks. Most of our rack mount servers include USB 3, SATA 3 RAID, and Dual Display. Most companies quote prices such as US$3000 to US$5000 or much higher for 2U Rack Mount Systems with top rank Xeon CPU. EWays price is just US$800.

3. Software Solutions: Forensics Analysis, Firewall, NAS, etc.
EWay is now leveraging its software development experience to build solutions based on Open Source software and Linux. EWay can provide installed solutions including Firewall, NAS System, Low Cost Linux Systems with full application suite, Forensic Analysis solutions. Our Forensic Analysis solution captures LAN packets and has the ability to analyze packet data on the ethernet or wireless networks and provide reconstructed data for analysis. This is an important security solution for IT and MIS centers to track internal secuirty issues and threats. EWay can also preinstall various Linux or Windows software and applications.

4. Unique Systems: 2 in 1 Systems, 4 in 1, 4x Video, 6x LAN:
EWay has a number of unique hardware solutions, including full redundant systems with 2 in 1 or 4 in 1 full redundant systems. EWay also builds a 4 in 1 1U Rack Mount System with 4x complete redundant systems in just a 1U Rack Mount. EWay also builds a 6 LAN small embedded system just 20x22cm. We also have multiple display systems with 3x VGA Display or even 4x Independent Displays. Other systems include special features such as watch dog timer or digital IO. We build a number of full redundant systems 4 in 1 in 1U or Tower Server. We offer 2 Lan, 3 Lan, 6 LAN systems as well as 4 COM or other special versions.

5. Panel PC, All in One LCD PC, LCD Open Frame, Panel PC:
EWay also builds a range of other related systems and products including All in One LCD PC, Panel PC in various sizes, LCD Open Frame Kit, Webpad systems, Metal Frame LCD Displays with Touch, and other items for project or system integrators.
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