E-Way Low Cost PC Systems and Low Cost Embedded Systems Ordering and Shipping Information
For low cost PC, low cost Embedded Systems, $100 PC, Low Cost Servers, low cost LCD PC, Low Cost Desktop PC systems,
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   Ordering Information:     Email:  info@low-cost-systems-servers-rack-mount-pc.com

Order Info for Wholesalers, System Integrators, Dealers, Projects, etc.:
1. Send email request with product, quantity, options, or desired spec.
2. Please request quote for prices and spec. details or prices change.
3. We will send a detailed quote with current specs, features, cost.
4. Please email or fax your signed purchase order to our fax number below.
5. For our low costs, funds payment by bank wire is necessary at time of order.
6. For wire, please use "OUR" type to pay full wire fees separately from order total.
7. For volume: an irrevocable letter of credit at sight with 50% deposit funds wire.
8. We will send you a confirmation of your order with any necessary details, questions.

Optional Ram, Disk, Flash, 4 LAN, or Linux, or Customization:
1. We can offer system integration for ram, disk, flash, software, or other customizations.
2. We can offer Linux installations for sample system, fee for larger quantities.
3. Also available: 3 LAN, 4 LAN, 4 COM, Wireless, bluetooth, and PCI or Mini PCI-e cards.
4. We can design or build a variety of OEM systems and customizations if required.
5. Many other special products are available but not listed on website.

Other General Order and Warranty Notes:
1. Manufacturing/Assembly time usually 1 to 2 weeks average. Shipping is FOB Taiwan.
2. Customer is responsible for shipping cost, customs, taxes, duties, insurance.
3. Product spec, appearance, cost may change from time to time without notice.
4. All systems are tested and working at time of shipment. Content is double checked.
5. Warranty is 1 year from order date for standard covered factory defect problems.
6. Customer is responsible for repair shipping costs to/from our company.
7. An RMA approved return item must be sent by prepaid insured shipment.
8. A RMA return authorization form must be approved by e-Way prior to return.
9. An RMA item must be returned for analysis and repair prior to replacement sent.
10. Warranty covers product defects, E-Way may repair or replace with comparable.
11. Warranty doesn't include damage caused by mis-use, drop, broken glass, cracks.
12. Shipping damage is covered by shipper such as UPS or Fed EX, not by warranty.
13. For drop damage, bent or broken connectors, these are usually misuse, not warranty.
14. Ram, disk, cpu prices vary weekly, request quote for current cost. Less for quantity.
15. Most systems include CPU, however for all socket systems the CPU is optional item.
16. Most systems are X86 compatible for windows, Win XP, Win CE, Win 7, and Linux, etc.

Other Important Notes:
Our stock changes daily, delivery estimate is based on stock at hand when funds
received, and estimated manufacturing and test time for items not in current stock.
If some item is out of stock, we can suggest alternative models or systems as well.
1. Additional testing or certifications can be requested for NRE quoted charge.
2. Shipping companies often drop shipments, please test incoming systems.
3. There is 100% QA test prior to ship, so if not working = shipping damage.
4. In such case, please report the damaged systems to your shipper for claim.
5. Please select and confirm systems and components carefully prior to order.
6. Components systems costs change periodically, and are not returnable for credit.
7. Once order and funds received, we build to order based on items ordered.
8. We suggest projects to start with 1 to 5 systems for testing and initial work.
9. Due to custom build assembly process, orders are non-cancellable once funds received.

Order Page: Request US$ quote by email for current cost and spec. Please also request quote for items not shown. Price shown is US$ example for quantity listed. Cost or image or specs are subject to change. To preserve our low costs, payment is funds wire at time of order, or L/C with deposit for large quantity. When systems are received, please check immediately for shipping damage. Since all items are tested and working at time of shipment, if you find shipping damage such as cracked glass, loose parts in a system, noises from a disk drive, or other problems, please file a shipping damage claim immediately with your shipper. The shipping company is responsible to handle replacement or repair or insurance of shipping damage items. E-Way's one year warranty provides pre-authorized defect repair, with shipping cost covered by customer. Warranty covers repair of defective systems, not including damage due to misuse, glass breakage, dropped items, shipment damage, or lost shipment. Shipping problems are responsibility of shipping carrier and any problems detected upon shipping arrival should be handled direct with shipper UPS, Fed Ex etc, and an insurance or damage claim must be filed promptly with UPS or Fed Ex in such cases. Due to custom build assembly process, orders are non-cancellable once funds received. In special case approved by EWay RMA, order change or cancel in 1st 2 days of order has 15% restock fee.
For cost quotes, specs, questions, design requests, or orders:
e-Way Technology Systems Corp. (eWay), Taipei, Taiwan     Fax: (886)-2-2561-5955

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