5 Wire Resistive Touch Screens: Durable and Reliable
5-Wire resistive touch screen is the preferred solution for applications requiring durability and reliability over time. Similar to the 4-Wire technology, 5-Wire touch screen also consists of a conductive bottom layer (ITO Glass or ITO Film) and a conductive top layer (ITO Film). The fundamental structure difference between the two is: in the 5-wire technology, all the electrodes are placed on the bottom layer and the top layer acts only as a voltage measuring probe. Therefore, the touch screen works properly even with damages or scratches on the top layer.
Circuiting Rating: 5V DC, 35mA Surface Hardness: 3H

Light Transmission:

Film+Film>77% Hitting Life Expectancy:   Over 35million  
Film+Glass> 83% Scoring Life Expectancy:   Over 5million 
Contact Bounce:   <5ms Operating Temperature:    -10 o C ~+60 o C
Resolution:       4096*4096 Storage Temperature:     -20 o C ~+70 o C
Linearity: 1.5% <1.0% By Request Choices of Glass Thickness for Volume: 0. 7mm, 1.1mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Operating Force: 10g~100g Choices of Glass: Normal Glass, Chemically strengthened glass
Superior durability and reliability with touch life over 35 million times.
FPC tail technology surpasses those of other manufacturers panels.
FPC has lower resistance and is more flexible than PET or ITO film used by others.
Excellent optical performance even with anti-glare hard coating film.
Capable of handling spacer dot diameter less than 0.035mm (smallest in the industry).
Haze < 6% (best optical performance in the industry).
Various choices of surface treatments available for volume.
Anti-Newton ring, anti-glare, special chemical hard coating.
5 Wire Standard Touch Screen Models Available:

Model No.


External Dimension

View Area Dimension

Active Area Dimension



138.00x108.00 mm / 5.43"x4.25"

118.00x89.000 mm / 4.65 "x3.5 "

116.00x87.000 mm / 4.57"x3.43"


6.5" In

156.00x120.00 mm / 6.14"x4.72"

136.00x100.00 mm / 5.35"x3.94"

134.00x98.000 mm / 5.28"x3.86"


7.4" In

171.90x127.40 mm / 6.77"x5.02"

148.90x112.40 mm / 5.86"x4.43"

145.90x109.40 mm / 5.74"x4.31"


8.4" In

208.00x152.00 mm / 8.19"x5.98"

176.00x133.00 mm / 6.93"x5.24"

171.00x128.00 mm / 6.73"x5.04"


10.4" In

249.00x186.60 mm / 9.8"x7.35"

219.90x167.8 0mm / 8.66"x6.61"

215.90x163.80 mm / 8.5"x6.45"


12.1" In

276.00x213.00 mm / 10.87"x8.39"

253.00x191.00 mm / 9.96"x7.52"

247.00x185.00 mm / 9.72"x7.28"


12.1" In

271.27x205.74 mm / 10.68"x8.1"

250.87x189.40 mm / 9.88"x7.46"

246.37x184.90 mm / 9.7"x7.28"


12.1" In

265.00x209.00 mm / 10.43"x8.23"

247.97x186.48 mm / 9.76"x7.34"

245.97x184.48 mm / 9.68"x7.26"


14.1" In

321.06x249.94 mm / 12.64"x9.84"

289.68x218.31 mm / 11.4"x8.59"

287.68x216.31 mm / 11.33"x8.52"


15" In

337.00x257.00 mm / 13.27"x10.12"

310.00x235.00 mm / 12.2"x9.25"

305.00x228.00 mm / 12.01"x8.98"


17" In

366.00x294.50 mm / 14.41"x11.59"

342.00x274.50 mm / 13.46"x10.81"

334.00x266.50 mm / 13.15"x10.49"


17" In

362.00x278.00 mm / 14.25"x10.94"

340.00x260.00 mm / 13.39"x10.24"

320.00x238.00 mm / 12.6"x9.37"


18.1" In

388.00x313.00 mm / 15.28"x12.32"

363.00x291.00 mm / 14.29"x11.46"

357.00x285.00 mm / 14.06"x11.22"


19" In

395.00x300.00 mm / 15.55"x11.81"

370.00x276.00 mm / 14.57"x10.87"

358.00x267.00 mm / 14.09"x10.51"


21" In

438.00x331.00 mm / 17.24"x13.03"

416.60x315.00 mm / 16.4"x12.4"

402.60x301.60 mm / 15.85"x11.87"


21" In

445.64x366.90 mm / 17.54"x14.44"

413.20x334.47 mm / 16.27"x13.17"

411.68x332.94 mm / 16.21"x13.11"


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