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Low Cost IP Wireless Camera, Web Video Cameras, Night Vision IP Cameras - $100
Low cost IP camera, with wireless, day or night vision, encryption security.
Easy install, no wires. View on any PC. No need expensive cable install, No need DVR.
For low cost video security monitoring, remote video, for home or office from any PC.

$100 Low Cost IP Wireless Web Camera with Day and Night Vision:
Uses: Home Security, Office Security, Video Conference, etc.
Low cost but powerful video monitoring, for home or office, no DVR needed.

Wireless IP Camera Specifications:
Wireless IP Camera technology
Color VGA CMOS sensor 300K pixel
IR Night Vision or Daylight - 12 LEDs
Connection by infrastructure or adhoc
Wireless Channel and Wireless Channel: Yes
WEP Encryption: Disable / 64bit / 128bit
WEP Encryption Code: Yes
Resolution: VGA (640 x 480), Q-VGA (320 x 240)
Dimension: 11 x 15 x 8 cm
Lens Focal Number: F2.8 Lens Angle: 54 Degree
Night Vision: Auto, 12 IR Lens Focus: Fixed
Frame rate: Adjustable, Up to 30 fps maximum
(15 fps at VGA, 30fps at QVGA
Format: JPEG
Networking: Web Server, DHCP Client, PPPoE, PPP,
Ethernet Port : RJ-45 Connector
Multi-User: 8 users, Motion Detector: Yes, Snap Shot: E-mail
Internet Explorer 5.0 or Above, Netscape 6.0 or Above
Power Supply: AC Adaptor PoE (IEEE 802.3)-optional
Accessories: Driver, USB Cable, AC Adaptor

Technical Breakthrough: No DVR Necessary
In the past, a video security system required the remote cameras plus an expensive
central DVR or Digital Video Recorder, with say 8 channels or such. In addition there
Was a high cost for the wiring of cables between cameras and the DVR system. All of
This makes for a very expensive total system cost, including cable installation. Our
new IP Wireless Camera solves these issues and cuts the cost considerably:
1. Wireless = No need for expensive installation of cables from camera to DVR
2. IP Camera = No need for central high cost DVR system with 8 channels etc.
3. Simply access the video from any standard PC or notebook from internet
4. No limit to the number of cameras in any location, scales easily to any size
5. No limit to organization of which cameras to monitor locally, its programmable
6. Monitor the video on any standard PC or notebook, from any place worldwide
Low Cost IP Wireless Web Camera with night vision
e-Way Technology Systems Corp. (eWay), Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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e-Way offers a breakthrough low cost IP Wireless Camera at just US$100. This IP web camera has both daylight and night vision capability, and it is also a wireless IP camera for secure viewing from any PC on the internet. These are much lower cost than the IP wireless cameras from locations such as Santa Clara, California, or New York, USA, where costs typically are 2 to 3 times higher. We also offer Low cost embedded systems including CPU, $65 low cost embedded boards with CPU, and a range of embedded systems related products as webpad, panel PC, LCD panel, at similar low costs and low prices.
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