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E-Way builds more than 50 different models of low cost system, low cost embedded system, low cost server, low cost rack mount system, low cost PC, low price Nano PC, low cost Blade System, and low cost CPU systems. Our low cost systems are suitable for a wide range of areas: low cost project systems, low cost office PC, low price thin client PC, low cost Xeon Server, IT low price rack servers, Industrial PC.    Low Cost System TX34 15x15cm $131,    Low Cost PC MT-T18 19x21cm $124,    Low Cost Server i3 i5 i7 20x22cm $161,    Low cost Rack Server 2U $394. (Save 50%)     Click image for main index newer system info.
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EWay Rack mount Servers include various types of Rack Mount systems solutions, including low cost 1U Rackmount Servers, low price 2U Rackmount Servers, low price 1U Rack Mount with 2 swappable disks, low price 2U Rackmount with 4 swappable disks, 2U Rack Mount with 8 swappable disks, 2U Rackmount with 12 swappable disks, and 2U Rack mount Server with 2 systems in one. Other Rackmount Servers are also available based on requests. EWay builds Low Cost Rackmount Server, low price Rack mount Servers, low price server, new Low Cost Server, EWay Low Cost Xeon Server, a::2018a Linux PC, Low Cost Linux Systems, Intel Xeon i3 i5 i7 Xeon Dual Quad 6x 8x Core, AMD 2x 4x 6x 8x FX Dual Quad Core, Linux Debian server, Ubuntu server, low cost socket system, 1150, AM3+, AM2 AM3, low cost Linux Server, Redundant Systems, 1U 2U 3U 4U Rack mount server, low priced server, low cost rackmount systems servers direct from Taiwan. a::2018a EWay provides Linux installations, Linux PC, low cost Linux hardware systems, Low cost PC, low cost systems, $100 PC, low cost embedded systems, Low Cost Servers, Redundant Systems, VIA, Intel, AMD Dual Core, Quad Core, 2 Lan, 3 Lan, 4 Lan, 16 Lan, Quad Redundant Systems, EWay builds quality systems including Industrial server, PBX server etc. Applications include network management servers, digital advertising, digital sign, video servers, Linux network management systems, PBX server systems etc. See a::2018a - www.ewayco.com