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E-Way Software Consulting, Custom Linux Installation, Embedded Software, Windows Software Install:
EWay provides custom Linux software solutions, custom Linux installations, windows installations, setup of various applications according to project requirements, and related software consulting. EWay can help your organization develop custom product solutions based on Open Source software and related applications, including network traffic analaysis security solutions, accounting solutions, doctors office and medical records solutions, bluetooth advertising, Digital signage, etc. These application solutions can be prepared from open source solutions for maximum speed and minimal cost. They can provide your organization with ready to run product solutions for higher profit.

EWay also provides custom installation of various Linux software such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat ENterprise Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and various other embedded Linux versions. EWay can also offer services to cut down and streamline your desired Linux OS, reducing the size from 3Gb to 500Mb or less as an example, for speed and performance improvements as well as reducing size needed for flash or for making the OS suitable for flash to reduce costs.

E-Way Software Consulting and Customized Linux or Windows Installations:
EWay has substantial experience in software development and in creating custom Linux solutions, including in depth modification of automated Linux installation scripts, as well as customization of complete Linux installation components according to customer requirements. Automated solutions can be developed including custom packaged install CDs, automated install scripts, and automated solutions for installing the OS, its applications, and custom setups for various projects. Standard or custom Linux OSs can be preinstalled or automated Install CDs or scripts developed, as well as custom installation of windows or various other OS such as Linux or embedded Linux.

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